Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So after the AAC I had a bit of a rest, did a light ride and felt a bit breathy. I used to smoke and suffered bronchitis most winters and the feeling was similar. Bugger I thought, I have got a virus of some description.

Couple of days later, found myself a bit more breathless after walking up some stairs. Then I got breathless walking along the flat. Being a sensible person, I took myself to the Doctor who checks my blood pressure, checks it again (wincing) goes and gets another BP machine. Hmm she says that's a bit high have to run some tests, is there a history of heart problems in your family? Well, only my father....

Anyway over the last 4 weeks I've been scanned, prodded, xrayed, ECGed, and generally done over by radiologists, referred to a cardiologist and prodded at some more. By now I felt much better but was pretty worried, as were my family. I really began to feel like there was something awfully wrong with me, so much machinery focusing upon my internal workings. It put me in mind of this clip

So, earlier today I had a front row seat watching an ultrasound of my own heart which was pretty cool and with the image of my hearts valves flicking open and closed I was little more confident that there was in fact nothing (significantly) wrong with me and that its now time to step off the medicinal roundabout. To celebrate, I've decided to do the Sydney Melbourne Alpine 1200, just to have something to focus upon.

It will be my first 1200.

It will be very hard. Especially If I don't get riding soon.

I rode this afternoon for the first time in a while.

As a plus, after all of the tests, My lungs are fine desipte years of abuse, my heart is strong and my veins and arteries run free of fatty deposits. I am in fact quite well.

Distance in Kilometers 693.32 (and counting)

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