Sunday, March 29, 2009

Oppy 2009

What a great 24 hours, even now as the pain subsides I experience the quiet euphoria of post extreme exercise, body stress, NSAIDs and home brew. Gotta love this cycling pastime. In the end the Dogs did 367km despite my best efforts to sabotage the run. I had a spate of punctures, the first 160km in, followed shortly by the revelation that the headlight mount had broken rendering next to useless my lumotec senso plus. Luckily cheap Blaze flashers kept me on the straight and Richard and Greg were generous with their more carefully aimed lights when the going got tricky - or fast.

I had two more punctures this morning in the time critical portion of our ride from Picton to Parramatta, so I'm now looking for a replacement options for the Stelvio's I'm currently running. The punctures cost at least 20 minutes and my breakfast at Maccas.

We did however make the target in impeccable time (bang on 9am) despite, me, my doubts, lack of stamina, hills and traffic lights. Next time we will take the M7. The breakfast was terrific and the train trip back and our combined aroma's meant we had the compartment to ourselves. Even the transit police were "distant".

All in all a wonderful day, my second Oppy but no less challenging. Congratulations to all of the finishers.

Mileage in Kilometres = 1431


Surly Dave said...

Well done to the Doggies! Sounds like a great ride, apart from the punctures. Congratulations to all.

Treadly and Me said...

Sounds like those stelvios are nearing the end of their serviceable lives!

Congratulations to the mongrels.