Monday, July 16, 2007

Ride to Shellharbour

Glorious day on saturday 14th and joined the IBUG riders for a trip down to Shellharbour using the coastal cycleway. 5 of us met at Le Vendi's at Belmore Basin and struck off south under glorious winter clear skies with a light southwesterly headwind to keep us honest.

It was a great day for cycling and we saw lots of others out on the track. It is almost possible to ride on cycleways the entire distance to Shellharbour and the Shellharbour City Council are currently considering plans for the Barrack Point link that will add another headland to the trip. Even though I have cycled south a few times in the recent past, this trip with my new friends openned up a few less travelled ways. The coastal cycleway has to be one of the great cycle rides in Australia, the contrast in environment, natural and man made are profound and there's always something to look at. Its also mostly flat so its accessible.

Stopped at Shellies cafe for refreshments in Shellharbour before heading back, a bit pushed for time but with a tailwind to help us along. By the time I arrived home I had clocked up 70km's which was a bit further than I thought we'd go, but felt great all the same.

Unfortunately I didn't take the camera so have no photographs. Next time......

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Apollogy coming together

Decided to join the IBUG easy ride to Ruby's cafe at Bulli this morning. Glad I went. Sun shining on the ride north - gloomy, antarctic conditions coming back - things change really quickly. But it was great to be out again after all of the lousy weather the last few weeks or so.

In other news, the Apollogy project continues albeit slowly. Most of the bike is back together with a variety of reused bits. Its starting to come together nicely I think. I took it out for a cautious spin around the block (only the front brake was fitted) and nothing fell off so I'm counting that as a success.




A few unforseen problems have emerged. Couple of broken spokes on the back wheel which on closer inspection I find is an older 27 inch wheel so I will probably replace it in the short term. Also the nylon friction washer in the downtube shifter has collapsed and a replacement part is no longer available.

That's it in the front left.


I'm working on fabricating one out of some nylon rod or part of a chopping board depending on what is easier to find. In the absence of a lathe I hope that I can mount it in the chuck of my power drill and turn one out. We will see....

The Brooks B17 Special (black) is due for delivery sometime in this month. Still looking for mudguards.