Friday, June 20, 2008

Feeling Guilty

As we're almost at the nadir of the solar cycle, I'm getting optimistic about getting some more riding in before work within the next month or so. I wish I was more like Kent Peterson who's blog I enjoy and who'se family have had a carfree lifestyle for the last couple of decades.

Years ago I was a committed commuter and rode regardless of the weather, or the darkness. These days life and work is more complex and my 56km commute to work up and over the escarpment and subsequent driving around while at work, really gets in the way of cycling. I am a pretty conservative motorist, and while I have a reasonably fuel efficient car, I'm still driving a long way, and the drive eats into the available cycling time (not to mention the pool of non-renewable resources, ozone layer etc).

I'm seeing the day coming, and quite soon the way fuel prices are going, when I will be looking for a job closer to where I live so the costs of motorised transport, both financial, environmental and physical will be reversed.

The other thing is that I haven't been on the bike since the last cafe ride on the 7th. Maybe this weekend!

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