Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cafe Ride

A veritable crowd assembled for today's 100km cafe ride. The usual crowd were augmented by Greg and a bunch from Goulburn (Rodney, Lauren and Marie?) and a visitor from overseas(Rob), so with Henry, Richard and Me we were a regular peloton.

The group rode the coastal route - from Dapto north along the princes highway to Ruby's cafe at Bulli then south to Shellharbour (village) and then looping back through Jambaroo to Dapto station.

After the rain of the week, today dawned clear and still a southerly wind blew through the day and took us to Bulli in great time. Heading south was less enjoyable though the ride was going well for me until we stopped at the second checkpoint at Shellharbour. Getting up from the Cafe table I was again overcome by cramps (I wasn't even doing anything) and then set myself up for suffering for the remaing 30 odd kilometers. Rod was a real friend,even though I had just met him - he selflessly gave me a salt tablet from a nifty pill dispenser in his handle bar end, and some kind of salt based tablet (will research the brand) and lots of encouragement.

Later on Jambaroo road, when I had fallen off the back of the group, Rod came back to help me and gave me a draft. A great guy and a strong rider.

The climb up past Jambaroo wasn't too bad, still cramping I eventually made the summit and with the last 10k down hill I was happy to be heading home with a tailwind and the odd twinge in the thighs.

Despite the suffering, I really enjoyed the ride today and the company. Richard and I rode back into town after the ride and I was really beginning to feel quite drained after the day. By the time I got home I crave sugar terribly and actually ate sugar out of the sugar pot before scarfing down a packet of figs.

The shopping list now include some salt tablets and I've got to find out what the tablets were. They were great.

Mileage in kilometers = 2170.19


Surly Dave said...

I used to get cramps but don't seem to any more. I found Nuun electrolyte tablets useful, this mob sell them:v

NancyBoy said...

Sounds like a great day out Grant. I use Lava Salt capsules. They are really useful together with Endura sports drink with Magnesium which helps with cramping. My pilates teacher says cramping is just a sign of weakness but she's a ballerina and into pain.,shop.product_details/category_id,43/flypage,shop.flypage/product_id,371/option,com_virtuemart/Itemid,34/vmcchk,1/

Remember to smile while it's hurting.

btw. I was kidding about the ride route - well sort of.

Grant said...

Thanks guys, I'm certainly going to need something and haven't a clue were to start. I am smiling (sortof)!