Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Wrap up

Now that 2013 has officially begun it is time to reflect on the numbers from 2012. There's a few more numbers now, as technology has moved on and I can now get a good indication of vertical distance as well as time and horizontal.

There weren't any specific goals for the year, other than to get riding again and complete 6000km for the year.

I ended up with a total of 6726km, spread out of 148 rides and approximately 65,000m climbed and about 300hrs in the saddle. Twice I managed to ride over 1000km in a month with December the most active with 1139km, closely followed by October with 1006. In April and November I rode over 800km, however the rest of the year was patchy as I struggled with my foot. Since the operation in August however, things have been coming back together nicely. In fact I managed just under 50% of my annual total in the last 3 months of the year. I've also lost about 15kgs which has had a dramatic impact on my cycling, especially my climbing. I have really come to enjoy climbing, which is quite a change!

I did complete a couple of Strava challenges - the 800km challenge in April, the 79 mile challenge in October and most recently the Festive 500. Completed a few BRMs, including the Berrima ride (twice), The Royal Ride and the Coastal 200. I also completed at least one 100km or longer ride every month.

I've also started mountain biking which is great fun and provides a nice alternative to road riding and is a great way to improve bike handling and overall fitness.

So while the year was mixed, there were some dark moments in there, I've come through 2012 with a renewed cycling vigour and hopes for a slightly more consistent 2013. Hopefully I can continue the momentum of the last 3 months throughout 2013.

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