Saturday, April 2, 2011

Had one of those rides

Cycling has been a bit off since the Opperman as I recover from the rib injury. It seems that I have not broken or cracked anything, but lordy they've been sore. Most incoveniently my range of movement has been greatly affected so stretching hasn't been happening.

By way of encouragement to remount I got myself a new cycle computer. The old one was damaged in the fall (and never worked properly in the rain anyway). Not being one to do things by halves I got a Garmin Edge 800 complete with heart rate monitor.

It's a pretty cool bit of kit and with the added benefit of GPS I will be able to get everyone lost with even more authority. The data analysis is fascinating and reveals just what a lousy cyclist I am, and the heart rate sensor is a continual worry. I'm hooping that I may be able to use this information to improve and train more effectively. But probably not.

So on the recovery trail I've been out for a few tentative rides but as of the last few days have been feeling pain free enough to stretch things out a bit.

Set off early this morning thinking maybe 50km would be nice, but it was such a grand morning and I was feeling really comfortable on the bike that I just kept on going until I saw rain clouds coming over the escarpment and turned away from them. It was one of those rides that reminds me why I enjoy cycling so much. Felt good, saw interesting things and was happy.

One of my aims was to checkout the new bridge over Little Lake at Barrack Point. The bridge saves a longish and unpleasant diversion onto Windang Rd, so the bridge really is a great bit of infrastructure and completes a missing link (well one of them anyway) on the coastal cycleway

It hasn't been officially opened yet but that's not stopping anyone using it, so well done Shellharbour Council.

Mileage in Kms = 2724

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