Tuesday, March 1, 2011

F*&$ February

February is really a bad month for me and cycling. Unfortunately, my last two and longest, qualifying rides were scheduled during the month. The first, the 400km I was ready to leave only to find that my credit card had been skimmed and conversations with the fraud team at the bank made me miss the start.

No matter, plenty of other 4s.

Last weekend I was out on the 600km and found that after 250km with a crippling hot foot pain in my left foot I would have to abandon. So nuts to February.

On the plus side, I have visited a podiatrist this week who reckons that the problem with my foot can be fixed with a metatarsal spreader and as soon as the inflammation settles down I will be riding again, hopefully tomorrow! And there are still a few more 6s left to qualify with.

So February may have beaten me this time, but I'm gaining ground and I did manage to ride over 800km so things can't be that bad.

Mileage in Kilometres = 1648

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