Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Learning 2.0 - the bits I missed

IN order to finish Learning 2.0 I need to comment on a few things.

First off Lesson 9 and Podcasts. As a commuter, I don't know what I would do without podcasts, they fill in the time on the long journeys and give me flexible learning opportunities. We can link to subject based podcasts from our "I Desk" page or even produce some of our own from our and have virtual storytimes --now there's a thought.

Lesson 10: Mashups - OK I have added a warholised picture of me to the blog frame.

We could use google maps to accurately identify the branch library locations or to create history paths through the city. One of the great mashups is Bikely (www.bikely.com) that allows users to map bike routes and journeys.

Lesson 12: Social Networking: I'm a bit curmudgeonly about social networking sites. The audience specifity of the different sites (facebook/myspace/bebo etc etc) means that you're audience is soo scattered so you need to duplicate a lot of effort they require a lot of effort to keep on top of.

So that's basically that for learning 2.0. It's been fun.

Normal cycling adventures will now resume.


pls@slnsw said...

I am glad you have enjoyed the course - it has been interesting reading about your cycling as well.

Ellen (PLS)

Grant said...

You should come down for a ride one day. The coastal cycleway is very pleasant and there are lots of opportunities for refreshment along the way.