Saturday, August 16, 2008

Alpine Classic

The Alpine Classic registrations have opened for Audax club members so I have booked in for the 6.40am start and have now 5 scant months to get the climbing technique honed. Looks like I'll be spending some time dragging myself up the escarpment.

As a training goal, I'm aiming for a minimum of 5 climbs up Mac pass and 2 up the Jambaroo pass before christmas.

There's a cafe ride scheduled this morning. A lazy 125km.


NancyBoy said...

Alas I'm off at 6:20. I just relish that extra 20 minutes of cool. With any luck I'll get back over Tawonga Gap by the time it gets hot... We must make sure to catch up on that weekend.


Grant said...

I'm going to need those extra 20 minutes sleep. Will catch up for sure.