Monday, May 19, 2008

Bald Hill and back

One of the rides I did this last weekend to trial the blackbird was the top half of next weekends coastal 200km brevet - the ride to Bald hill and back.

While this is a fairly short ride from my house in Wollongong, there are some nasty sharp climbs and the final longish and steep climb up the Lawrence Hargreave drive to Stanwell Tops and the Bald Hill lookout.

Once there it is worth the ride and the view back along the coast is really something.

And the descent is breathtaking.
I was happy with the performance of the blackbird but less satisfied with my own, I felt tire and weak for which I blamed the strong headwind on the northern leg and fatigue on the return. Not surprisingly, I have the sniffles now as I type which I hope will clear before the weekend.

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