Sunday, May 11, 2008

Apollogy retires

Sad but true. My venerable Apollo 3 was becoming more of a flexi context than anything else and after 3000 km since I rebuilt her last year it has been kinder to hang the frame up and use her parts for a better, more inelastic frame.

Enter the blackbird. A bike modeled on the stealth aircraft of my youth, but a lot slower.

I came across this frame during one of my frame scrounges at the reccycle centre. The plan was to us the tubing for brazing practise but this frame seemed better than that.

Over the last two weekends I have managed to ride just over 120km and the "blackbird" is a big improvement over the Apollogy. It tracks straight no hands, bends like a reed into corners and planes. As well as the new frame the blackbird also sports some aero dia compe brake levers and side pulls. I plan to ride her in the Coastal 200km brevet next weekend.

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