Friday, February 8, 2008

Registration fees

Ok, so its one thing to have a politician prattle on that bikes should be registered to pay for cycling infrastructure , we've all heard it before, but when the CEO of the peak cycling body in NSW agree's with him, that's getting pretty disappointing.

Says Alex:

"Bicycle NSW said it supported initiatives that seek to legitimise cycling. "A form of bike registration or levy may help achieve this," said its chief executive, Alex Unwin."

That is such a lame response.

As the CPF points out, nowhere in the world is bicycle registration a serious option and the splendour of bike routes in Amsterdam is funded by a committed community who can see the immediate benefits of improved cycling infrastructure.

In the subsequent poll on 79% of people thought registration was a dumb idea, so that at least gives some hope. But jeez, Bicycle NSW membership just started to look pretty embarrassing.

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