Thursday, August 30, 2007

Apollogy Project ready to roll

The Brooks B17 special arrived today and is now installed on the Apollogy, so as of today I'm prepared to call the project completed (mostly). Impatient as I am, I took it for a run to Shellharbour last weekend with another (uncomfortable) saddle and despite the pain I was really happy with the way the old girl tracked and road. She seems very well balanced, predictable but responsive. As a bonus, nothing broke or fell off, so I was very happy.

It has been a long time since I've sat on a fast bike and I can see many more miles a coming in the next few months.




The Vittorio Randonneur 700c x 28 tyres roll beautifully and the new SPD pedals are a huge improvement over the old toe clips and straps. The gearing is working well though perhaps a bit too tall. I am planning a ride to Stanwell Park this saturday so will see how the saddle breakin goes.

While there is still much more to do and bits to save up for (Son generator hub for a start) its goof to have got to the point where its rideable again. I'm looking forward to having some adventures on her again.

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