Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tallong bridge and a bodgy bottom bracket

Last week I noticed that my drivetrain was getting worn so ordered a replacement chain, cassette and bottom bracket though as the week progressed I realised that I needed the bb sooner rather than later and while climbing up Macquarie Pass this morning on the monthly 200, I was losing confidence in the bb's ability to get me all the way there and back.

It had that nasty slop where the pedal would rock through a quarter turn before feeling like it was engaged with the chain. So at the top of the pass I decided to avert disaster and turn for home, but not before enjoying a pie and a ginger beer at the Robbo Pie Shop.


Ben was coming with me as far as the Pie shop so with the pie onboard we both headed back for home towards a lowering sky which decided to catch us out with a downpour only 3km from home.

I cycled on the bike shop and got a replacement bb and spent a happy hour cleaning bike and replacing bearings. As it turned out they were well shot, the seals had gone and water was lapping around the bearings. They'd only done 8k or so. I may need to review my maintenance schedule!

On the positive side the weather radar has revealed that the route was copping a lot of rain - the stupid clouds hadn't realised I was at home and dry, So weather 0.5, me 1 , for a change.

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