Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Shoes

The quest for the perfect pair of shoes really knows no bounds and on Friday I picked up a pair of wide fit Bont Vaypors.

They look the goods and a 70km ride on Saturday with poorly aligned cleats showed them to be quite comfortable though I am yet to heat mold them. They are much lighter than the current workhorse Sidis and very stiff.

New shoes

I hope to sort them out during the week and use them in anger a couple of times before the Gunning 400 at the end of the month.

Saturday's ride saw Ben and I head north to intersect with Barry as he came south. We rode up to Bald Hill and then with Barry safely met, we returned to the gong for second breakfast at North gong

This morning I headed out with Harvey for a clockwise Lake Loop taking in Hill 60 and a detour up O'Briens road, which is steep and at least today, hot. The view from Hill 60 was typically refreshing though.

With today's ride I surpassed my 200km goal for the week and find myself sitting on 1,348km for the year with 14,912m climbed.

To celebrate I cleaned the Roubaix and even gave it a coat of wax. Shiny bike to match the shiny shoes.

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