Monday, November 12, 2012

Holidays nearly over

My leave is nearly over, and I will be returning to work on Wednesday, though I have thoroughly enjoyed my break and by tomorrow should have clocked up about 1350kms during the four weeks I've been at home. I've also managed to paint 2/3rds of the house and saw my daughter through her HSC, my son through his 3rd year Uni exams and a couple of good friends married, almost finished restoring one old bike and rediscovered the joys of dirt riding. I've also lost another 3 kgs, so not a bad break.

Today I took the Paino out again this morning for a quick 50km and find that every time I ride it I like it more and more. So easy to push, even into a stiff wind with a worn freewheel and chain. I'm thinking that I will make it my Monday bike so I can continue to enjoy it.

Tomorrow I've got a date for a ride up the gun club hill and then will be heading to the city to see Radiohead.

Then its back to work on Wednesday. With ringing ears!

Mileage in Kms = 5135

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