Sunday, October 28, 2012

Berrima 200

Earlier in the year I made a BRM comeback on the Berrima 200. It's one of the routes I run here in the Illawarra and is a great days riding  with a number of challenging climbs and great scenery to enjoy from the saddle.

This past Saturday, the ride was due, however prior commitments meant I had to be back early so opted for a quick 100 up to Fitzroy Falls and back.

Apart from me, there were 4 official starters, all down from various parts of Sydney. No surprise there, as the weekend saw the running of Fitz's Classic in Canberra plus the start of the Great Southern Randonee in Victoria, so there was plenty of competition.

Long story short, all 4 starters got away and completed the ride in good time, Chapeau to you all. Me, I enjoyed the ride up to Fitzroy Falls, set a PB on Macquarie Pass and saw 4 Lyre Birds - and thoroughly enjoyed myself on the way back.

As of that ride I've clocked up 830km for October. Not bad considering.

In other news, the Herc restoration is chellating away, the wheels are slowly rotating through their vinegar bath and I've rebuilt the bottom bracket and head set. Am thinking no that a layer of clear coat over the paint and neutralised rust might be in order so will test a section of chain case during the week and see how it turns out.

Mileage in Kilometers = 4606

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