Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's been ages

My blogging is almost as lame as my cycling of late. I can blame work for much of that. As a Librarian, blogs and twitter and the rest (pinterest, facebook, foursquare, tumblr, google+ etc) are occupying a huge amount of my online time, which is drastically reducing my personal online time (to the relief of many).

Nevertheless, keen readers of my ramblings will recall that last year I encountered problems with my left foot. Morton's neuroma was the likely culprit and after bailing on my PBP aspirations, I took a vaguely depressed hiatus from cycling until I couldn't stand it anymore and got back in the saddle in December. Things have gone fairly well thus far but the foot will at times cause problems and I finally got up the nerve to confront the orthopedic surgeon.

Initially he concurred with the neuroma diagnosis, and said that surgery to excise the nerve was the best solution but have some scans as I need to know what is there. Scans were done and this week I returned for the analysis. Seems while there's a neuroma it's only a little fella and not the major problem, which in turn has been revealed as inter metatarsal bursitis twixt my 3rd and 4th toes. Recommended treatment is for a guided cortisone injection which I'll be enjoying in a couple of weeks, though if that fails to relieve the issue, the neuroma's going to get the chop as well.

Hopefully though, my physical problems will be resolved shortly and I can confidently set my sights on PBP in 2015. Either way, it's going to hurt :-)

Mileage in Kilometers = 2611

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