Thursday, September 9, 2010

Car Packed

Tomorrow morning I'm heading south to Hopetoun to try my luck at the Mallee Routes 600km brevet.

It has been an anxious week, what with the adverse weather and flooding that has struck Victoria though happily the route appears to have had only experienced average rainfall and is looking prime for the weekend.

My own training has been hampered by weather. Last Saturday's Bungonia Buster was a wind and wash out though I have found that not riding so much these last few weeks has made me a lot faster. I achieved my PB for the 30k training route yesterday. Bang on an hour (with traffic lights I might add). Legs feel great, head is primed and the car is packed.

Dreamt this morning that I had successfully completed the ride and felt a quiet sense of satisfaction. Convincing dream until I realised I still had to ride. A good sign however.

It is going to be a good weekend.

Milage in Kms = 5656
BRMs = 2100

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