Friday, January 1, 2010

End of year wrap up

So, last year didn't quite go to plan. I finished 2009 with 6380 km (2008 3909 km) which exceeded my target (was aiming for 6000), however injuries and illness got in the way of completing a super-series and generated the greatest disappointment of the year in not being able to take part in the Sydney Melbourne 1200.

In fact as far as audax rides go I had a 30% failure rate and only managed 4 BRMs and the oppy with 7 cafe rides. I rode 120 times during the year, or once every 3 days. October was the best month for distance with 1160km ridden. Another highlight was broadening my riding horizons with the Sydney Audax group who's rides through the gorge country of northern Sydney and the central coast were very satisfying.

2009 was a good year for learning about riding and the importance of mental preparation as well as physical fitness, I've refined a lot of my approaches and can ride further on a lower base than before. The mental toughness still needs some work though.

This year the goals are to;

Finish a Super series.
Complete at least one BRM event every month
Clock up the required 2400km of BRM rides (November - November) to qualify for early entry into PBP (only 2200 to go!)
Complete a 1000km ride
Hopefully complete Perth Albany Perth (am on the waiting list)
Aim for a total mileage of 8000km.

In other non cycling achievements I successfully completed a Masters in Management, saw my son through the HSC and on to University (he's going to do science education), finished building a new library , and brewed 21 batches of delicious home brew.

Mileage in Kilometres = 30km


Surly Dave said...

Well done, a year to be pretty proud of all things considered, better than 99 per cent of the folk out there! I hope 2010 is even better for you.

Treadly and Me said...

Hey, don't get to heavy on yourself--you reached your mileage target and you had time to brew. That sounds like a damn fine year to me!

Well done.

Grant said...

Thanks Guys,

I'm actually pretty happy with the year. I've learn't a lot. Ridden some great roads, met some great people. What more can you ask?