Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fragile back and the long road to recovery

Have been having one of those periods of ups and downs. Some days I feel great and then overdo it so that for the next couple of weeks I feel terrible. Getting sick of the sight of voltaren.
Nevertheless, physio is going well, and hopefully I should be back on the bike after about 3 weeks, fingers crossed. Just have to take it easy and stop reinjuring myself.

The real challenge has been dealing with the disappointment of withdrawing from the SM 1200. I've been quite despondent about that, but on the bright side I'm looking forward now to Perth- Albany- Perth in October 2010. Also I'm planning a few longer rides, definitely want to complete a super series this year.

I was also hoping to pursue the year round randonneur award this year, hopefully I will be OK to do the Bungendore bash on the 20th December with the ACT chaps.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Learning 2.1

The learning continues as I've just joined up for the second emerging phase of the Learning 2.1 programme. It might make me blog a little more too.

The second step in 2.1 is to familiarise yourself with twitter. I've been on twitter for a while now and mostly post progress on rides from my 3G phone. Sometimes I have conversations with my twitter buddies.

We haven't engaged twitter at the Library just yet, I think it really has useful applications as a reference tool, though it could also be useful as a general promotional tool. Might set one up later today.