Monday, November 2, 2009

Learning 2.1

The learning continues as I've just joined up for the second emerging phase of the Learning 2.1 programme. It might make me blog a little more too.

The second step in 2.1 is to familiarise yourself with twitter. I've been on twitter for a while now and mostly post progress on rides from my 3G phone. Sometimes I have conversations with my twitter buddies.

We haven't engaged twitter at the Library just yet, I think it really has useful applications as a reference tool, though it could also be useful as a general promotional tool. Might set one up later today.


pls@slnsw said...

Great to see you back - and to hear about your use of twitter. I like the idea of using it while cycling.

Ellen (PLS)

Clayton Lee said...

Hey there.
I found your blog from Surly Dave - I have just seen that his last post to hit my RSS is "Bye for Now" and his blog is now invitation only.

Any idea what the lowdown is with that - I really enjoyed his writing.


Grant said...

No idea at all Clayton, he's stopped tweeting too. Gunna miss the big fella.