Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thoughts on preparation for Sydney- Melbourne 1200

I have made the committment to join the Sydney Melbourne 1200 come late November in recent weeks and have begun piling on the kms in order to get fitter, happier and more productive on the bike.

As of today my mileage count is up to 2680 for the year, which is a lot further than it might have been I suppose, but still very low. I have managed to crank out 250km each week for the last two weeks and hope, by mid August to be riding 500km a week including commuting to work a couple of times.

I have also restarted my yoga practise and find that both my breathing and core strength are improving and I'm slowly starting to get back into shape, come November 28th I'll be buff. I'm also backing off on the fatty foods and the (sob) beer for the duration. So far so good.

I have just invested in some Hammer Perpetuem food supplement stuff to try and see how I go with it. It's mean't to provide effective nutrition during edurance exercise. I frequently have issues with fuelling during longer rides so hopefully this stuff will allow for a more balanced intake/output than I can manage with normal foods.

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