Monday, December 29, 2008


I have made a concerted effort to ride over the last few days and have managed to get some kilometers into the legs, even while feasting on turkey, ham and beer over the christmas weekend. After a slow start to the month, which saw some niggling physical issues (shoulder), a lot of rain, and that whole christmas party social whirl I've managed just over 370km so far. Almost half of that has been in the last few days.

That brings my annual total perilously close to 4000k but unless I bunk off work in the next few days I'm not going to get much closer.

Given that I'm not in a position to commute I am however pretty happy with the first year of logging my distance and will keep it up in the future. I like the incentive, and the encouragement!

Curiously, while I've always found it difficult to find time to ride, my annual total, translates into 170 hours, or just over a week actually on the bike over the last twelve months. That doesn't seem like a lot of time really. The longest single ride was 362km.

Mileage in kilometers = 3909km

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