Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yes, that's all in the last couple of weeks, a lousy 40 km. I was hoping that I would make 4000km for the year, but even that modest total is looking remote. Hopefully, I'll get out again today.

Good news though, is that the Magpies have stopped swooping. Yay

Mt Keira x 6
Bald Hill x 1
Macquarie Pass x 1

Mileage in Kilometres = 3436


Surly Dave said...

The year is far from over! A determined push and you might even make 4,500km!

Grant said...

Thanks Dave, a determined push is exactly what I need, time will tell.

Treadly and Me said...

Well, I for one am very glad to hear that! I've been very worried that your Alpine Classic preparations are far exceeding mine. Dammit, you've been up Mt Keira six times and I've barely done any hill work in months!

OK, so you just keep relaxing while I go out to Mt Dandenong this weekend!


Grant said...

But there's more to come, planning to ride the Southern Highlands 300 in a few weeks - its got some hills. As far as the prepartion has gone, I'm well rested!

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