Monday, September 29, 2008

Spring means Magpies

I'm on leave from work for a couple of weeks and this means riding a lot, I've set a target of 500kms for the next couple of weeks, which doesn't sound like much but I also want to spend some time with the kids.

So this morning I was up earlyish and hit the road about 7.30am for a quick fifty or so. Took my normal northerly route for a while and then turned south into an increasingly strong south westerly that changed the day from beautiful to woeful. The wind was great training but the coming rain was just wet so I turned for home to come up with 43 km and no real hills for the ride. What hills there were though were taken at speed! Tomorrow I'll climb Keira if its not raining as forecast. So far I've clocked up 170 ish kilometres.

Anyway, while it was a beautiful spring morning, its pretty clear that the magpies are nesting and enjoying their territoriality. 3 times I was clobbered this morning, and while their pecks landed on the helmet and not my ear, the sharp crack of attack still takes a bit of getting used too.

Now in preparation for the Alpine,
I have Mt Keira x 2
Macquarie Pass x 1
Mileage in Kilometres = 3044

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