Wednesday, January 30, 2008

SON hub

My new front wheel and christmas present arrived today care of the Nick and the good folk at Cheeky transport .

The monkey cometh

SON Hub and Velocity Dyad

Earlier this evening I quickly mounted it on the Apollogy and went for a short ride. I am impressed by the smoothness of the hub and the clarity of the light. Even in the urban environment with frequent street lamps the Lumotec Oval plus lights up the road enough to see the nasty things waiting to trip you up. It has a nice Xenon glow about it too, which I rather like.

Installing Lumotec and new SON wheel on the Apollogy

As you can see from the photo its a pretty basic installation at this point and as is my way, it will slowly refine itself over the next little while as i settles in. I might try a lower mount and experiment with the light angle.

Damn happy with it though and it means I can start thinking about some of the longer Audax rides scheduled in coming months. First up is a 400km jaunt to Gunning in early Feb. I haven't ridden much in the last couple of weeks, so that one is probably going to hurt.

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