Monday, May 14, 2007


Browsing the web, as you do, and perving on bike porn, I found an example of how I'm hoping the APOLLOgy project will turn out, (well sort of) at Pereira Cycles.

This particular bike can be seen from many different angles here and is described as a French Bordeaux touring bike in the spirit of Alex Singer and Rene Herse. Love the details - particularly the integration of the lighting system. Nice. The APOLLOgy is more Chianti!

While mentioning Rene Herse, the Chainring blog has an enviable tale and pictures of a junkshop gem Rene Herse found in Australia. Lucky....


P. Lynn said...


Would love to hear more details about the APOLLOgy project.


P. Lynn Miller
Sydney, Australia

visit the CTA blog -

Grant said...

Hi P. lynn,

love your work! I've never had a comment before so that's pretty exciting. I'm very envious of your Puegeot by the way. Have always wanted one.

Clear coat number 5 is on the APOLLOgy frame as of today. I have promised that I won't try and reassemble it now for 2 weeks and will instead polish the rims etc.